Help Us Improve Griffeys’!

Hi everyone! We’ve been experimenting a lot with various events and ideas recently, but something we’ve not yet done is reach out to you, our customers, for your feedback. Making surveys was my favorite part of business class, so I’ve whipped up another one just for you. You should be able to fill it out in about 10 minutes, and your answers will be invaluable to us as we gather new inventory, come up with new events, and generally improve our business!

Responses to “Help Us Improve Griffeys’!”

  1. Jared Avatar

    Local artwork on the walls, cork board for business cards, maybe a frequent flyer card like buy 5 books get 1 half off or something..get a stamp each purchase type deal

  2. Deborah Guebert Avatar

    You offer a fantastic resource for rich reading! There may not be enough local customers, so getting that knowledge spread further afield could be essential.
    Having tables for coffee and browsing could an attractive cafe ambiance, although your armchairs scattered about are very welcoming.

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