Book Repair Services

Visit us during store hours for a free consultation and quote on our book repair services! Basic services and starting prices are listed below.

  • Mylar application: $5 for standard-size hardcovers up to 10″ tall, additional cost for larger hardcovers
  • Loose page reattachment: Starting at $3 for one detached leaf
  • Loose hinge repair: Starting at $8
  • Spine reattachment: Starting at $10
  • Basic cleaning: $2 per book

Please note that at this time we are unable to rebind books! If you are unsure about the work required on your book, please stop by our storefront at 4 Troy Road, Delaware Ohio anytime during our regular business hours for a free consultation and quote. Just make sure to bring the book(s) with you so we can take a look at them! Additionally, please note that for most repairs, you will need to leave the books with us for at least a day, sometimes longer, so that we have time to complete the work.

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