Reschedule Alert: Open Mic Night

Hello everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say that due to schedule conflicts, we are going to push our first Open Mic Night back to June 23rd instead of April 28th. We have a lot going on right now, both in our personal lives (our wedding is coming up fast, and the week of the 28th we will be moving a lot of our stuff in to our new apartment), and here at the bookstore. We feel that giving ourselves more time to better plan this event, as well as giving the event more room to breathe, so to say, will just make it a much better experience for everyone (and, honestly, a bit less stressful for us!).

I have updated the original blog post and the Facebook event to reflect the changed dates. We do have several other events coming up soon that you may want to check out! Consider joining us for our first ever Game Night next Friday, the May Gathering Market just in time for Mother’s Day, or our upcoming May author event (details coming soon)! We would love to see you there. Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any questions!

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