Special Announcement: Revealing our Secret Project!

Just a few weeks ago, we hit 1,000 followers on our Facebook page, and in honor of that amazing milestone, we decided to reveal a secret project that we’ve been working on in the background for almost two years now. This is something we’ve been kicking around since before we ever conceived of the bookstore, and we are so excited to be able to share it with you today.

We are writing a book.

The Heart of Resistance is the first book in a steampunk/adventure trilogy, cowritten by David and I. We do not yet have a release date set in stone, but we are hoping to publish it in Q4 of this year. The story is set in an original fantasy world incorporating elements from various historical eras, including steam trains and telegraphic communication from the 1800s, flintlock firearms from the 1700s, and more fantastical elements like airships and a huge traveling city-on-a-train (my personal favorite!) to create a unique steampunk setting.

David and I have always been creative people, and writers specifically (which is why we love books and opened a bookstore, who would have guessed!) but we really found our creative zone when we started co-writing with each other. We are super excited to share more with you about this story over the coming months, and, without further ado, here is the blurb for The Heart of Resistance to whet your appetite:

Arthur Pendington, former captain of the Imperial Airship Formidible, is out for revenge against the Empire that made him a murderer.

With nothing but his wits, a rag-tag crew, and an ill-gotten airship, Arthur plans to destroy the remaining Imperial Dreadnoughts: weapons of terror that rain destruction on the Empire’s enemies and civilians alike. Losing them would cripple the Empire’s military might, but against such menacing machines of war, this one-man rebellionthe product of either madness or obsessionis all but a hopeless endeavor. Nevertheless, Arthur means to see it through to the bitter end, even if it destroys himself and the few friends he has left.

Arthur’s quest for vengeance pulls an ex-rebel engineer, a runaway workhouse orphan, and the princess of a rival kingdom into his orbit, and puts everyone in his path in danger from all sides. Though the Empire he contends against is corrupt to the core, his own motives and methods are far from heroic. Arthur unknowingly entangles himself and his crew in a web of danger, intrigue, rebellion, and international politics, which will change himself, his friends, and the course of entire nations.

We’ll keep you posted with updates over the coming weeks and months as we get closer to publication! In the meantime, I just want to say that we have been super inspired by all of the amazing local and independent authors that we have met, and we are proud to carry local and indie books in our store. We can’t wait for the day that our own book will take a place beside theirs, but in the meantime, support local and indie authors! Your support makes it possible for normal folks like us to realize the dream of writing books of our own, and to operate a bookstore that helps share local and indie books with new readers.

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  1. Tuesday Trippier Avatar
    Tuesday Trippier

    This is fantastic!! What a wonderful adventure for both of you! Very exciting. Best wishes and prayers of support!!

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