Introducing the Gathering Market at GBE

With the great success of the Local for the Holidays Market in December, we have been looking forward to hosting similar events here in the future. The market was an absolute blast, and we were not only able to provide space for local businesses and artisans to sell their wares, but also facilitate many wonderful connections between customers, vendors, and business people. One collaboration between vendors at the market has already come to fruition, and now we are here to announce another!

Starting on February 11th, we will be partnering with Hey August Markets for regular monthly markets held here in our storefront at 4 Troy Road, Delaware OH. These markets will take place on the second Saturday of each month (excepting extenuating circumstances) from 11am to 5pm, and will provide a great opportunity to purchase goods and gifts from local artisans and vendors. Additionally, since the Market is held indoors, it will take place year round, even during winter months, unlike many outdoor vender markets, which can unfortunately be directed by the whims of weather and season.

If you are a maker, creator, small business owner, or other type of vendor located in the Central Ohio area, I would encourage you to apply for this market! You only have to apply once to get on the list, and from there you can pick and choose whether to attend each month, depending on your availability, so it’s a very flexible system. The vendor fee for each market is also quite reasonable. For more information, please reach out to Maggie Gertler, our market coordinator at Hey August Company, or check out her website here. You can also apply directly via the form here.

We are looking forward to hosting this market throughout the upcoming year, and we hope to see you there, either as a customer or as a vendor!

Responses to “Introducing the Gathering Market at GBE”

  1. Bryan K Borgman Avatar

    Very exciting! I just applied. As of right now, I could definitely make at least half the dates in 2023.

    1. Aria E. Maher Avatar

      That would be awesome! Thank you for your interest ^_^

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