Donations? Buybacks? The Current State of Bringing Books to Griffeys’ Book Emporium

Over the past few days that we have been open, one of the most frequently asked questions is something along the lines of “how do you get your books,” “do you pay people to bring you books,” and “do you still accept book donations”? This hopefully brief post will explain exactly where we get our incredible selection of used books, when we will start our book buyback program, and to further the point that yes, we do, and likely always will accept donations.

How do you get your books? What we most pride ourselves in here at Griffeys’ Book Emporium is our variety of quality used books, something we could not get without a couple of different sources; we buy bulk lots of books from the internet, and we take donations from all kinds of people with all kinds of taste in literature.

Can you pay people to bring you books? In the future, we are hoping to offer a book buyback program, similar to Half Price Books, if you are familiar with that concept. However, due to cash flow restrictions, etc., we are currently not able to offer this program. We are hoping to begin offering this program in October, so do stay tuned for announcements regarding that.

Do you still accept book donations? Yes. Absolutely. If you have books that you wish to donate to us, just bring them to the store anytime that we are open and we will be more than happy to take them. Some confusion appears to have arisen around this issue because we were originally asking people to schedule a time to bring us donations. That was because before we opened the store, the times we were present at the storefront could be very unpredictable (we were both working day jobs at the time). Now that we are open, we are able to take donations at any time during our regular hours, so feel free to bring them whenever you are able!

Responses to “Donations? Buybacks? The Current State of Bringing Books to Griffeys’ Book Emporium”

  1. Gracie Roberts Avatar
    Gracie Roberts

    Do you take donated books that have markings on them? A lot of the books I want to donate have my name written on the top, which I’ll cross out/ mark over if you’re willing to take them!

    1. Aria E. Maher Avatar

      Absolutely! As long as the inside pages are legible with minimal highlighting/marking, we will take them.

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