The Miniature Viable Bookstore

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the concept of the Minimum Viable Bookstore and realizing that, really, when push comes to shove, we already have the absolute baseline of we need to launch our business, even if it doesn’t quite look as fancy and extravagant as it did in our dreams. Well, to take things one step further, I would like to show you what I have affectionately termed the Miniature Viable Bookstore, a beautiful creation that my business partner and I were gifted by my talented aunt.

A miniature bookstore with tiny, detailed miniature books, bookshelves, furniture, and more.
The miniature in all its glory; the tiniest complete bookstore.

I wish I could express the magnitude of the excitement and gratitude we felt when we were given this gorgeous miniature. It is complete in every detail, including the books, most of which are real miniature books that you can open and flip through, with tiny printed pages and illustrations. My aunt created this miniature with the help of a kit, which she modified and augmented with additional handcrafted details, like the tiny record player, miniature Greek Orthodox icons in the Christianity sections (my business partner and fiancé is an Eastern Orthodox Christian), and the tiny hand-felted bookstore cat sitting curled up in the armchair.

This miniature was given to us at a very discouraging time in our business (perhaps sometime we will tell you about the Flooring Fiasco of 2022), and served as a huge encouragement at a time when we were starting to feel like we had nothing left to give. It was like our dream encapsulated in tiny, portable form; a reminder of the ideal we are striving towards with this business. I think it may well be the best gift I have ever received.

The tiny needlefelted cat, handmade by my aunt, curled up in his chair with a book.
Tiny records
Some of our favorite albums on tiny vinyl for the record player: Red and In The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots, Close to the Edge by Yes, and two Moody Blues records that my grandfather loves.
The tiny checkout counter, complete with our iPad in miniature, gift bags, wrapping paper, and the tiniest bookmarks you’ve ever seen.
The Christianity section, with tiny, tiny icons of St. Basil (top) and who we believe to be St. John the Wonderworker (bottom), plus a Jerusalem cross made from Palestinian olive wood.
All of the books on this shelf are individual miniature books that you can take off the shelf, open, and look at. I was completely floored.
A close up of some of the books. All of these open and have individual pages inside.
Perhaps the sweetest detail: a tiny copy of my first book Behind Her Mask was Death, handmade by my aunt.
And, because my aunt and extended family are Canadian and the miniature was made in Canada, it wouldn’t be complete without some kind of maple leaf 🍁

Responses to “The Miniature Viable Bookstore”


    What a lovely gift! Hang in there and keep fighting to get your business up and running. I look forward to visiting the bookstore when you open your doors.

    1. Aria E. Maher Avatar

      Thank you Donna! We can’t wait to see you there ^_^

  2. Bobbie Kirby Avatar
    Bobbie Kirby

    So lovely!! Hope to see you soon in your new bookstore!!

    1. Aria E. Maher Avatar

      Thank you Bobbie! We hope to see you there ^_^

  3. Deb Reilly Avatar
    Deb Reilly

    I cannot wait to meet you and see your bookstore! We will be out of town on the grand opening, but I will most certainly be there ASAP!! You are living my dream!

    1. Aria E. Maher Avatar

      Thank you so much! After our grand opening, we will be open 11am-7pm every Tuesday-Saturday (closed Sundays and Mondays), so hopefully there will be a time to stop by that works for you 🙂

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