5 Indie Authors To Add To Your Reading List

I’m a booklover, but it’s not often I pick up the latest bestseller or newest novel by a famous genre author. Some of my favorite books are hidden gems, lesser known works by lesser known authors that are still packed with quality despite their smaller sales figures or lack of a “New York Times Bestseller” tagline.

Through Griffeys’ Book Emporium, I want to introduce other readers to these beloved hidden gems, and I think a great place to begin is with a short list of amazing indie author’s you’ve probably never heard of! If you’re bored with the best seller list, or just looking to expand your reading horizons, here are some great authors to start with:

Brianna Merritt

If you love suspense, thrillers, or crime drama, check out Unsanctioned Eyes by Brianna Merrit.

I’ve been thinking about this book (and eagerly awaiting the promised sequel!) since it was first published in 2017. Brianna’s writing is phenomenal. This is a novel that I’m absolutely thrilled to be featuring in our indie section at Griffeys’ Book Emporium, because I’m convinced that way more people need to read it. And just look at that gorgeous cover!

Cheyenne van Langvelde

If you love historical fiction, try Between Two Worlds by Cheyenne van Langvelde.

Cheyenne is a personal friend of mine, and I know how passionate she is about writing with purpose, meaning, and beauty. If you’re looking for a unique piece of historical fiction, set in Ancient Rome and featuring an enslaved Celtic heroine, I would highly recommend Between Two Worlds. Plus, Cheyenne has another book coming out very soon, so now is a great time to support her!

Abbie Emmons

If you love contemporary Young Adult novels, why not check out 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons?

I’m going to be honest here: I have not actually read 100 Days of Sunlight yet myself! I just haven’t had the chance to get my hands on a copy yet. But, I love the cover of this book (it is just so pretty!), and I know that it has been very well loved and highly recommended by many readers, so if wholesome contemporary YA is your cup of tea, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this book! Maybe when we get some copies for the store I’ll finally be able to read it…

Daley Downing

If you love Young Adult fantasy, a la Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, you’ll love The Order of the Twelve Tribes series by Daley Downing.

It can be hard to break new ground in YA fantasy, but Daley Downing has done it. The Order of the Twelve Tribes series is fresh, inventive, and inviting, remedying many of the pitfalls, like the convenient absence of parents or other adult authority figures, which have plagued YA literature for years. Also, as a former homeschool student, I can’t help but love the fact that this series features homeschooling families!

Kyle Robert Shultz

If you love fantasy, mystery, humor, or a healthy blend of all three, try the Beaumont & Beasley series by Kyle Robert Shultz.

Kyle Robert Shultz may be the only author who can consistently make me laugh out loud with his work. His writing is witty, sometimes downright hilarious, but also dexterously plotted and skillfully written. You will absolutely fall in love with Shultz’ characters, whether you decide to pick up Beaumont and Beasley, or his other series Crockett and Crane.

This is certainly not a complete list of indie authors I love, and I hope that it won’t be the last of such lists on this blog! Indie authors are some of the most innovative writers and creators out there, and buying indie often means that you are directly supporting a real person who is chasing their dream and exercising their talents to create great art for you and others to enjoy.

I love reading indie, and I am hoping that starting this bookstore with indies in mind will help expand my horizons to include new indie authors that I’ve never heard of myself! Writing this list has actually made me realize that I haven’t read much indie sci-fi… so if you know of any great indie sci-fi authors, let me know in the comments! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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