The GBE Fundraiser: A Brief Request

Hello everyone! I hope that you’re having a wonderful day. A few weeks ago, I posted about the minimum viable bookstore, and mentioned how we were having difficulty getting start up funding because of rising interest rates and the general economic confusion that is going on right now. Long story short, in a bid to raise a bit more funding for our retail store opening, we have started a fundraiser on Indiegogo, and I have two brief requests.

First, if you are able to and you are interested in what we are doing, please consider making a contribution. You can also select some cool perks, including items like stickers and pins, T-Shirts, and even in-store credit you can use once we open! Every little bit helps, and whatever we are able to raise will help fund the opening of the store, even if we don’t reach our full goal.

Second, if you have any technical issues donating to the fundraiser, please reach out and let us know. Some people have been able to donate, but several family members have had technical issues which prevented them, and we are unsure if these issues are widespread or not. Any information in that regard would be extremely helpful.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and we can’t wait to share everything Griffeys’ has in store with you!

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